~~~~ All classes on Pause until further notice in stringent precautionary measure ~~~~

~~~& when we resume, classes will be on sliding scale to support our community and therapeutic arts~~~



Wheel throwing, beginner-intermediate 

1-4pm & 4/4:30-7/7:30pm

begin: ongoing! hop in anytime for 7 week intervals

seats: 2

sections: 2 (Monday) & (Sunday)

$250 includes 25 lbs of fresh clay (roughly ten fired pieces) & naturals glazes

*** After the first 25 lbs, we draw off the reconstituted & pugmilled clay of the studio with a fee on the fired weight of additional pieces from this claybody


Also, participants are welcome to bring their own commercial glaze, underglaze, mason stains, slip and wax if decoration is desired! ****

I have a basic set of glazes I've made to create variegated effects in the oxidation kiln, and some dark and light/white slips made for creating contrast; surface decoration, relief and texture is up to you!

*** What to wear: we have insulated & ceramic panel heat, tho barn will still be a chilly barn in winter with concrete floor, so please have warm socks good boots and a hat, old sweats or overalls/coveralls! In Summer the studio is wonderfully cool, wellies still recommended.

**** Heated water is always available year-round for throwing and several buckets for wash-as-you-go


**** As the studio is small and intimate with reduced class size, course offerings are made at lowest cost to you with maximum peace for independent and guided wheel work, with flexibility for scheduling conflicts and sometimes extra studio time; we ask for respect to studio processes, clean-as-you-go state of mind, and limit missed classes to 1 per interval for timely kiln cycles and diligent creation :-)


   Riverbed & Mountainside to Pitfire & Glazefire

Details TBD, 2020