Welcome to my site, and thank you for visiting! This place represents the pottery of Asia, myself.


In pottery we talk about a "breathing" vessel as we are throwing on the wheel, as a process it is like inspiration filling the lungs in tidal breathing with air. We know when the pot is breathing space. When we've caught its breath with our finger tips, of the clay being "pulled" up, into a wall, and through the centrifugal force and our steady still direction with each revolution upon the wheel (the rotation, the centrifugal force, that does all the work; it only needs our deliberate, still but steady gesture to form).

I speak of peaceful pottery, though it is more of a state embodied the pot hopefully transmits a placidity. The pot has its own character, relieved by its contour and that relieving the perceivable space within, though it can be filled in however way.

As a pot born of the five elements, it might offer to hold the perfection of a phenomenal being, body and mind met within the heart.


The pot can open the way. Aspiration for throwing starts freshly at the wheel, to see if you might feel the clay breathing, and reveal a form which might stay. It is like partaking of eternity, just the moment, through complete presence.

I am likewise inspired by the interaction of the elements, by the phenomena of nature, by our five senses or skhandas. As an observer and participant of the phenomenal world I tend to allude with the void and this steady constancy of emanating and dissolving within space, from a creative force which moves in mystery but seems palpable on the threshold. Palpable with the heart, in clear stead. To bear all of this experience it is my hope and premise, a belief that one may be grounded and connected in the world, from reception and protection of the heart. This area might be felt in the respectful space coming from oneself, in front of oneself, yet on and upon the wheel when centering the clay. The studio in this sense of humanity is a protected space, and a refuge.  To work with clay is naturally grounding, so as experience of body and mind, and world, and perhaps others can arise with ease in balance to the analytical mind. It is a good lesson when learning to throw, the application of too much force results in a weakening of the forming vessel.


So, there is a dynamic quality of suchness in life to be felt possibly through our experience of life, nature, the universe; its mystery; and, I feel a pot is the result of this experience, and a balanced pressure, like lungs moving between equilibrium; a result of complete movement with the way, perhaps. When the potter knows the clay has achieved its pot, there it is! Or else we smush the clay to join the claybody of the studio, and that's alright too; this is the process, clay took forever to make its present plate-like, hydroxyl-bond form, so much time being weathered or pressurized in nature!

It opens to receive heaven, foot upon the earth, yielding. Or, having taken a long deep breath it bears an aperture.

A pot can be full of anything. In my synaesthesia I'd fill it with sound and wind, sometimes with the wishes of my heart in reverence.

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Many blessings